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Minimum Standards for Active Coaches

Guidance for coaches on the core standards that you need to know and meet

In order to ensure Excellent Coaching Every Time for Everyone, we have worked with key industry Partners to agree core standards for all coaches in the UK.

Why are these standards important?

As an active coach, it is important for you to meet the core standards to:

  • ensure you have the right level of qualification, knowledge and skills for your coaching role
  • safeguard you and the participants you coach
  • ensure you have the right level of insurance
  • improve the coaching opportunities you can access.

The standards include recommendations across the following five areas:

  1. minimum age
  2. appropriate qualifications
  3. appropriate insurance cover
  4. safeguarding children and vulnerable groups
  5. policies and procedures.

Please Note: This tool is a guidance document only and does not supersede direct advice from a governing body of sport. If you have any queries on the governing body recommended qualifications or additional training, please contact them directly. County Sport Partnerships can help support you to find and access workshops and qualifications locally. To find out the contact details of your local Active Partnership visit the Active Partnerships website. For more information on UK Coaching's (formerly Sports Coach UK) recommended training visit the 'Learn' section of this website.

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