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Supporting Specific Needs

Adapt your sessions to prioritise inclusion

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    • Ideas for Making Your Sessions More Inclusive

    • Coaching Young People in Disadvantaged Communities

    • Great Coaching Experiences for Everyone

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    • Shining a Light on Mental Health Awareness

    • Being a Mindful Coach

    • Coaching People with Hearing Impairments

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    • Coaching People with Autism

    • Coaching People with Asperger Syndrome

    • Coaching Disabled People: What Coaches Need to Know


Supporting Specific Needs


Take a person-centred approach to sport and physical activity and ensure a great experience for everyone


Practical strategies and suggestions for ensuring that you're offering a safe, supportive environment

Mental Health

Find out why raising awareness of mental health is key and discover life-changing projects

Free Resource Picks

General Information on Dwarf Conditions

Coaching awareness advice, including general characteristics of people with restricted growth and information on the Dwarf Sports Association UK (DSAuk)

Coaching People with Autism

Tips for including people with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) in your sessions. ASC is a lifelong developmental disability that can affect the way a person communicates

Coaching Awareness: Sexual Orientation

Understanding the barriers lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT+) people in sport face will help you overcome preconceptions

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Coaching People with a Learning Disability

People with learning disabilities may need support to develop new skills, understand complex information and interact with other people

Looking at Diversity Through the Lens of Unconscious Bias

Guide to understanding the concept of unconscious bias to enable organisations to work towards developing a more inclusive coaching culture

Coaching in Prisons: Improving Rehabilitation Through Collaboration

Professor Meek offers advice for individuals and organisations who want to help re-engage disaffected young offenders through physical activity programmes

Key Skills


The skills, confidence and knowledge to communicate with people that have specific needs is crucial to developing inclusive sessions



People with specific needs may face challenges in relation to getting active. Use simple strategies to adapt your sessions


Inspiring Stories