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Developing Mindsets

Ignite positive behaviours, inspire behaviour change and build resilience

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    • Developing Emotional Resilience to Improve Well-being

    • Self-Care Strategies to Build Resilience

    • Building Resilience Through Healthy Stretch

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    • Creativity in Football

    • C is for Confidence

    • Who are the Participation Coaches?

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Developing Mindsets


Confidence is key! Support people to overcome their anxieties and boost self-worth


Understand what contributes to motivation to encourage commitment and drive


Insight into mental skills and integrating methods to develop them into your sessions

Free Resource Picks

Reducing Physical Inactivity (Part 1)

The first animation in our 'Reducing Physical Inactivity' series on the meaning of physical activity

The 'C' System of Coaching Children

The 'C' System is a holistic coaching model that supports the development of the whole child

Behaviour Change: Providing Meaningful Feedback

Some quick tips on using feedback as a strategy to change behaviour

Included with Subscription

How Successful Elite Coaches Act During Competition

Research with Olympic coaches suggests a theory of orchestration as a useful approach to understand coaching during competition

Developing Young Players' Mental Skills

Practical evidence-based tool that helps you integrate the development of mental skills into your training sessions

Creating an Empowering Coaching Environment

Dr Paul Appleton from the University of Birmingham provides an initial introduction to Empowering Coaching principles

Key Skills

Empowering People

Develop practical skills and strategies to empower the people you coach, key to helping them realise their potential


Managing Behaviour

Build up a selection of appropriate, measured intervention tactics to manage disruptive and inspire positive behaviour


Inspiring Stories