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Become a UK Coaching Member and relax and concentrate on what you do best – coaching, instructing and/or officiating.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being protected by specialist insurance. Coach or officiate in more than one sport or activity? We’ve got you covered with multiple sports, activities and/or officiating membership and insurance available. If you tutor or mentor we can also help you.

Plus, you’ll unlock our most valuable guidance for improving your PEOPLE skills, amazing discounts and free learning.

Join for £100 per year (the equivalent of just over £8 a month).




You'll get:


Public liability indemnity


Professional indemnity (including libel and slander)


Abuse extension indemnity


Dental costs from accidents

Subject to full policy terms and conditions

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Personal accident cover (death and capital benefits)

24 hour

Legal advice line

24 hour

Counselling services

24 hour

Personal and commercial tax advice


Hospital accomodation and ancillary medical benefits from accidents

Subject to full policy terms and conditions (i)*

*Limited to a combined maximum of £1200 between (i – 50%) and (ii – 75%)

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Physiotherapy and chiropractic costs from accidents

Subject to full policy terms and conditions (ii)*

*Limited to a combined maximum of £1200 between (i – 50%) and (ii – 75%)

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Exclusive Resources to Read, Watch or Download

Our most valuable resources to help you grow your people skills and connect with the people in front of you. Inspiring, practical and insightful resources are added every week to our treasure trove of tips, guides, stories, videos and webinars to help you improve your practice.





Save money on perks selected for coaches, Current offers include: 25% off Nike clothing and coaching equipment and over 60% off a wearable heart rate monitor system.




The Opportunity to Ask our Experts

Submit your questions and see if our team of experts can answer them in our regular, Your Questions Answered video series.




Free or Discounted Learning

Free or discounted access to selected Learn at Home courses. Current offers include: Free access to ‘How to Coach: Plan, Do Review’ and ‘Inspiring Positive Behaviour’. 33% discount on 'Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity'. 20% discount on 'Safeguarding Adults'.

You'll pay:

For 12 months' membership (equivalent of just over £8 per month)

What Members Say

UK Coaching membership provides peace of mind for all eventualities, particularly the insurance aspect.

Gary Belcher, cricket, football, goalkeeping, handball, Multi-skills, rugby and table tennis coach

UK Coaching membership helped me out so much when I set up the business. I loved the Code of Practice that got sent out with the membership. And there’s some really helpful resources on ukcoaching.org, which I get as part of my membership. Anything that provides different perspectives on coaching interests me.

James Clark Rugby union coach

UK Coaching membership has not only given me peace of mind by being well insured, but also allows me to easily keep up to date with new ideas and methods of coaching. Thank you for providing regular information

Pat Cropper MBE, Level 4 athletics coach

Eligibility Criteria

  • Insurance is valid for coaches or officials who hold a certification issued, and accepted as current, by a recognised awarding organisation for the appropriate sport or activity.

  • Multi-skills coaches must hold a Multi-skills qualification from a recognised awarding organisation (eg 1st4sport Level 2 Award in Multi-Skills Development in Sport [QCF]).

  • Coach mentors must hold a mentoring qualification from a recognised awarding organisation (eg 1st4sport Level 3 Award in Workforce Mentoring [QCF]) and will only be covered to mentor coaches of sports you hold a coaching qualification in.

  • Tutors must hold a teaching degree or a regulated teaching/tutoring qualification at Level 3 or above, or a governing body specific tutor qualification or licence. In addition, you must have undertaken an appropriate induction into the specialist subject matter to be delivered.