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Duty to Care

Duty to Care is more than safeguarding. It includes making sure coaching is diverse and inclusive as well as looking after people’s mental health and well-being

We have established our own Duty to Care approach for the coaching sector to create more holistic and positive coaching benefits for all.

This wraparound care extends beyond the recipients of coaching, to include the whole coaching family: recreational and professional coaches, the coach development workforce, policy makers and parents.

It is imperative we look after the people looking after the people

It is our responsibility to have a Duty to Care in the actions we take and the decisions we make; every day and about everyone... including ourselves.

Our comprehensive suite of learning aims to galvanise the coaching sector to fulfil their obligations around the education and provision of these five pillars of Duty to Care: Safeguarding, Inclusion, Diversity, Well-being and Mental Health.

It is important to recognise that each component of Duty to Care can be incorporated into your coaching programmes and practice separately, but ideally should be developed as an integrated system.


Duty to Care Training

Collect the five pieces of learning for each pillar of Duty to Care to earn our Sport England-endorsed Duty to Care digital badge recognising excellence in this area.

Our Duty to Care suite of learning provides sector-standard training for coaches. It will:

  • Equip coaches with the knowledge and skills to better look after their own physical, social, emotional and psychological needs, as well as the needs of the people they coach 
  • Help organisations fast-track their coaching workforce’s development needs, so that more people can benefit from great coaching

Educate, explore, enjoy!

Below you will find workshops, online courses and essential resources covering the five pillars of Duty to Care

Safeguarding Knowledge Check

Inclusion Knowledge Check

Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity

Well-Being Knowledge Check

Diversity Knowledge Check